Bitcoin Gold (BTG) – how to get?

Hello! Want to learn how to get Bitcoin Gold on your wallet? Then you addressed to the right place, but first I advise you to read the article Bitcoin Gold – what is it, and after reading back here and finish reading this article already.

On October 24, fork bitcoin took place, so from November 1, everyone can receive Bitcoin Gold (BTG) cryptocurrency free of charge, if before the day of a fork in the purse there were BTC. As promised by the developers of Bitcoin Gold, the fork occurred on block 491407.

The developers planned the fork on October 25, but this block was mined earlier, on the morning of October 24. A bit later, the official Bitcoin Gold site suffered a DDoS attack and did not work for a while, but still put the defense on DDoS, and now everything works.

How to get Bitcoin Gold

To get BTG, you had to have a bitcoin (BTC) on a purse on October 24, which allows you to find out a private key or a phrase for recovery, that is, a seed. Such a phrase usually consists of 12 words in a particular order.

List of some wallets in which there is an opportunity to learn a private key or sit to get BTG:

  • Bitcoin Core;
  • Copay;
  • Electrum;
  • Bitcoin Classic;
  • Coinomi (so far only for Android);
  • Freewallet (Android / iOS);
  • (Online);
  • Mycelium.

If you already have a private key or a seat, then you can use them to enter the Bitcoin Gold purse, which will be available from November 1, when the BTG blockbuster is launched.

BUT before you open your wallet in Bitcoin Gold, you will need to transfer BTC to another purse so that no one can use your bitcoins when you trust your purse with your private key or BTC sid.

Now, using the Copay wallet as an example, I’ll show you how to find out your sid phrase, so if you have bitcoins on this purse, you can quickly get BTG after November 1. If you have another wallet, then the actions will be about the same. In any case, you still need to transfer your bitcoins to another purse for security, before you go to the BTG wallet, so you can create a new wallet in Copay, as it can be downloaded to a PC and the phone. It is very convenient, has a nice design and a highly customizable commission.

How to create Bitcoin Purse Copay

  1. Go to the official Copay website and download the wallet. Also, you can download this purse to your Android phone and iOS.
  2. Install it, then click “Start,” and then “Create bitcoin-purse.”
  3. After that, enter your working email address and click “Continue,” also you can subscribe to the newsletter.
  4. Next, you will need to write down the key phrase (12 words), this is the same sid that you need to use to get BTG from any wallet, which until October 24 were bitcoins. Click on “Backup” and carefully read all the safety tips. Anyone who knows the key phrase will be able to manage your wallet completely, so keep this phrase in a very safe place.
  5. After you have written down the key phrase, you will need to check its correctness, for this you will be asked in the correct order to build all the words.
  6. At the last stage, you need to accept the conditions and click “Confirm.”

To export a file of your wallet, you need to click “Options” – in the “Purses and Integration” click on your wallet – then “Additional Options,” and then “Export the wallet.”

How else can you get BTG

Also, if bitcoins were stored on one of the following exchanges, a mining pool or exchanger before October 24, they will automatically charge BTG:

  • HitBTC;
  • Yobit;
  • BitStar;
  • BitBay;
  • Coinomi;
  • Freewallet;
  • Guarda;
  • bitFlyer;
  • Coinnest;
  • Minergate;
  • Paribu;
  • Abucoins;
  • Beatcoin;
  • Bitcoin India;
  • Server Power;
  • Nibiru;
  • MinerTopia;
  • Mining Speed.

Also, if before October 24 you had bitcoins in the purse, then you can copy the phrase from it to restore, after November 1, get BTG. Just be sure to transfer before this BTC to another purse.

Although you and for security will transfer bitcoins to another purse, and in BTG wallet you will enter a private key or a seat already empty wallet, still be careful and do not lead to some fraudulent sites. The only official Bitcoin Gold site is

If you want to start BTG’s mining with your computer, then soon it will be added to Minergate for this cryptocurrency, so I advise you to take a look.

How to use Bitcoin Gold?

If you carefully read the article Bitcoin Gold – what is it, then you should not have questions. But I’ll write about it again. As soon as you get the BTG cryptocurrency, sell it immediately for BTC. Since real bitcoin should be one, and all sorts of Bitcoin Cash (BCC) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) are just copies of it. Also, bitcoin gold can be mined using video cards, and its creator is the head of a mining company that will only earn extra money on the sale of video cards. So all this was done with only one goal – to gain, not to make the original bitcoin more decentralized!

As soon as BTG wallets appear, I’ll try to keep links to them, so you do not get caught by scammers.

UPD: The address of the official Bitcoin Gold website has changed, now it is Network BTG according to the developers will soon be launched, wallets, which are the first to support this cryptocurrency, are Coinomi, Guarda, and Freewallet.

UPD: developers have not yet added Bitcoin Gold to the wallets, one day of testing the network by the miners.

UPD: Closed testing was successful, now they are recruiting miners for open trial, more details in the official blog. Bitcoin Gold is still not available.

UPD: In the mobile wallet Coinomi (Android only) you can already get BTG, this is the first purse that gives Bitcoin Gold access to its users.

While the BTG wallet is in read-only mode, that is, you can still see your balance, without the possibility of making transactions (because the Bitcoin Gold network has not yet begun to work fully).

How to get BTG in Coinomi?

  1. Download from Google Play and install Coinomi Wallet on your device.
  2. Then click “Restore purse” and enter your recovery phrase for BTC wallet (you should have received it from the wallet, which until October 24 there were bitcoins).
  3. Mark the tickers Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold.

After that, your wallet will open, in which there will be balances of BTC and BTG. Opposite the BTC is likely to be 0 (if you withdrew a purse after the BTC after October 24), and BTG will already have some amount of cryptocurrency.

UPD: Bitcoin Gold will be officially launched today. From today, BTG can be displayed, exchanged and sold/bought. The launch will take place in the evening. Also, one more BTG wallet was added, called My BTG Wallet.

UPD: Another online Open Source purse for BTG, called, was added. I still recommend getting Bitcoin Gold in Coinomi’s purse, because these new online wallets do not personally inspire confidence in me, even though they are open source.

UPD:┬áMy BTG Wallet, which was presented on the official website of Bitcoin Gold, appears to have been compromised, as it no longer works and disappeared from the site page. Why did BTG developers add that online purse without qualitative testing? In a word – idiots. Was added some other wallet, called Bitpie.

UPD: If you can not get BTG in Coinomi’s purse, here’s another tip:

If after you imported a purse into the Coinomi BTC, the BTG balance did not appear, then in the menu, click “Add a purse” and select “Bitcoin Gold.” In the window that appears, enter the name of the wallet (example BTG) and the password (if you created it at the time of entering Coinomi), then click on “Advanced Setting” and type “M/44H/0H/0H” there, click the “Add” button.

UPD: From November 21 to November 25, the official website of BTG ( distributed its wallet with the virus. First, they publish an online wallet, from which all the funds were stolen, now a purse with a virus, what next?